Having been involved in dogs since my childhood …

… in our family we have owned various breeds, among them German Shepherds and Rottweilers for 25 years. In 2005 the very first Chow came into my life. He was Kiserparti Artur, an imposing red rough male who, with his appearance and unique temperament made me fall for the breed.

In the following years, after several researches on the breed and bloodlines, I imported my second Chow from Hungary. He turned out to be one of the most succesful show dogs of the breed in Romania: Ch Rossy Joker. Shortly after, Rossy Schatzie joined us and we registered the kennel affix.

During all this time I constantly had contact with some of the Terrier breeds, in shows and my daily workplace, the grooming salon. One certain breed which specially draw my attention was the Cairn Terrier, with all it’s natural appearance and real Terrier spirit, a great dog in a small body. I was convinced that this dog would complete us and bring even more joy in our lives. This is how in 2020 a very special female born in Sweden joined our family : Hjohoo’s It’s All About Hjo.

I have been member of Asociatia Chinologica a jud. Mures since 2005, Board member since 2017 and part of the Organizing Committee for Dracula Dog Show for several years. Besides the activity as a breeder, I am an International FCI Judge. So far I have judged in Denmark, Germany, Portugal, Poland, Hungary and Romania.

We have Puppies born December 2022

Meet my Chow-Chow Family …


Chamonix Laska Faina

Rossy Joker

Kiserparti Artur

Majestic Sandial Franco

Old Sweetland’s Chun Fen


Rossy Schatzie

Orinell’s Just In Time

Sugar Girl Of The Royal Club

Majestic Sandial Chinese Wonder

Giulia On My Mind Dei Leoni Imperiali

Majestic Sandial I Me Mine

... and say hello to Torvi,

the Cairn Terrier

Hjohoo’s It’s All About Hjo


Alexandra Palaghie-Jors
Targu-Mures, Romania

  +40 756 310 439

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